This week there is two openings I’m particularly looking forward to : Michal Helfman “Change” exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art, and Yocheved Weinfeld “Seam-Line” exhibit at the Gordon Gallery 2. Two very different artists, but sharing both a powerful aesthetic and an experimental taste.  Like every week, I listed for you some new shows or arty events that awaken my interest. This time I also added the “Last chance to see” as there is plenty of great exhibitions that you need to catch up with before it’s too late.

Holidays are at the door so it is the perfect occasion to wish you Chag Sameach, and an artsy Hanukkah.


Michal Helfman – Change

Helfman is a multidisciplinary artist, and a teacher at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Leaving and creating in Tel Aviv, she already has an impressive career behind her and exhibited in important art institutions such as the San Fransisco’s Institute of Visual Art, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Venice Biennale. She is working on the notions of space and movement, challenging her viewers and taking them for a journey through her installations. “Change”, her new exhibition that will take place at the CCA in Tel Aviv, uses plenty of symbols such as the dollar bill pyramid or fire, the installation will take you on a evolutionary/revolutionary trip while telling you a story : ” CHANGE begins and ends with a convoy. The pyramid’s backdrop is a scanned image of the Sinai Desert being crossed by a group of people. In the cyclically structured video upstairs, they come to life; their collective journey punctuated by individual gestures that are at once unique and common. Like them, visitors to CHANGE migrate through the installation as agents in the ebb and flow of empires, whose trails do not change, even if those who walk them change with each generation“*. The opening will start with a performance by Bosmat Nossan.

When  | November 28th AT 8.00 pm

Where  | 5 Kalisher St. (Entrance from: 2 Tsadok Hacohen St.) Tel Aviv


Yocheved Weinfeld – “Seam -Line “

I must say that I’m very looking forward to exhibition “Seam-Line” curated by Shlomit Breuer for the Gordon Gallery 2. Weinfeld is a major feminine figure in contemporary art in Israel, and a true educator/teacher. Born in Poland in an holocaust survivors family, she is creating since the 60’s. She exhibited in numerous places, and her artworks are included in many collections all over the world. Always en phase with her surroundings, she is considered as the first Israeli artists to explore her heritage as a Jewish woman using contemporary means. Scarred flesh, scarred society, stitches, “Seam – Line” presents a series of portrait that was created in the 70’s, translating physical pain visually. There is something very tactile in her art, the stitches are creating an other dimension. Her works is of course very metaphorical, and somehow a bit violent. The pain is out there. An exhibition to surely not miss.

When  | November 29th AT 12.00 pm

Where  | 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv


Artist Talk – Lital Lev Cohen, “φ32”
Since October 31, the Tel Aviv based artist Lital Lev Cohen is exhibiting at the Tempo Rubato Gallery. This Friday she will held a tour of her exhibition, and participate to an artist talk. A very interesting show to discover or rediscover.
When  | November 29th AT 12.00 pm

Where  | 9 Sgula St., Tel Aviv


Live Painting – Casino San Remo

Friday fun day? I don’t know if it’s their pink flamingo in the entrance or their delicious vegan pasta, but the Casino San Remo is without a doubt one of the coolest spot in Yafo. This Friday they invited you in a chill atmosphere to release the artist hidden deep inside of you, and to express your talent on their windows. Few established artist such as Boaz Untay are participating to this happy gathering.

When  | November 29th AT 12.00 pm

Where  | 2 Nehama St., Jaffa-Tel Aviv


** Last Chance to See **

Talking to the Walls – Video series : It presents video works by young artists dealing with language and territory. Curated by Ellen Ginton. Where?  Tel Aviv Musuem of Art. When? Until December 14th.

Prix Pictet – Power : This price is the world’s largest photography prize in the field of sustainability, using photographs to convey messages of sizeable global significance to a widespread audience. When? Until November 30th. Where? Art Station Gallery .

Noa Gur – Solo Show : Working between Tel Aviv and Berlin, Gur is showing videos she worked on for the last two years.  Her videos are approaching subjects such as materialism, religion and ritual in our world . Curated by Adi Gura, the exhibition also focus on the role of the body  in our modern societies. Where? Braverman Gallery. When? Until December 5th.

Nogah Davidson – “Fwd:” : The exhibition is a multimedia installation including Youtube based video works, sculpture, lighting, smoke and more.  Nogah Davidson is exploring and transmitting “varied conditions of chaos and limbo, spectacle and blindness, utopianism and autism, loops of consciousness and primitivism disguised as progress”. Where? ZIZ Art Space. When? Until November 30th.

100° Meter Radius – Group exhibition : Very connected, and in a perpetual dialogue with its surroundings, the gallery is going to present five of the leading photographers in town. Their project is smart and simple : presenting new works, all focusing on what is happening in the 100 meter radius around the gallery.  The idea is to re-examine the concepts of center and periphery in relation to the area where the gallery is locate. They are looking to connect with the environment of the STA Gallery on many levels such as politic, aesthetic, social situation,  and of course the local culture. Where? STA Gallery. When? Until November 30th.


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