It’s this moment of the week again, the weather in Tel Aviv is getting a bite chilly and make us want to embrace more indoors activities. Bye Bye beachy days, Hello coziness and artsy weekends dash with comforting red wine. Last week the “Loving Art. Making Art.” project brought interesting art vibes, and there is no doubt that this week’s openings will once again raise the arty level of the White city.

Where to go? What to see?  Be ready for an eclectic week.


Larry Abramson – Symptoms

The South African born artist Larry Abramson who grow up and currently works in Israel, will present an ensemble of oil paintings  at the Gordon Gallery this week. Abramson is without a doubt a major figure of Israeli art, and an opinionated man who always took position in favour of peace. His artworks are harmoniously mixing figurative art and abstraction. He is using strong symbols and icons to compose his painting. A very political art with a touch of modernism. An exhibition I’m really looking forward to. Note that an artist talk will take place on December 6th.

When  | November 21 AT 7.30 pm

Where  | 95, Ben Yehuda Tel Aviv


Alma Shneor – Reflect Or

“​​Born in Tel Aviv in 1978, Alma Shneors practice is defined more by her experimental processes than a specific medium.  Trained as a performance artist, Shneor also engages with video and experimental photographic practices that toy with time, layering multiple exposures on each frame of film.  This exploratory practice is nonetheless circumscribed by her clear and precise aesthetic “*. I don’t know much about Shneor but discovering pictures with such a strong visual identity over internet, made me want to go visit her solo show at the Julie M. Gallery.

When  | November 21 AT 8.00 pm

Where  | 10 Betzalel Yafe, Tel Aviv


Boaz Arad – The Life

Arad is a multidisciplinary Israeli artist currently living in Tel Aviv. He is expressing his creativity through diverse medium such as sculptures, paintings or video. His exhibitions are very visual and contemporary. Curator himself, the mise en scène always respect a balance between aesthetic and the subject. He is represented and had numerous exhibitions at the Rosenfeld Gallery.

When  | November 21 AT 8.00 pm

Where  | 1 Shvil HaMif’al, Tel Aviv


Magia Naturalis: Israeli artists study nature – Group show

The name of the exhibition is a tribute to Giambattista della Porta  who  was an Italian scientist who published his work in 1558 in a book called Magiae Naturalis. The exhibition is exploring the relations between  art and science. A long list of contemporary Israeli artists are participating to this special show that will take place at the P8 Gallery.

When  | November 21 AT 8.00 pm

Where  | 79 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel Aviv


Noa Gur – Artist Talk

Noa Gur will talk about her works in her solo show with Berlin-based curator and author, Avi Feldman. The artist is presenting four video works at the Braverman Gallery since the end of October. Curated by Adi Gura, the exhibition also focus on the role of the body in our modern societies.

When  |  November 22 AT 12 pm

When  | 12 b Hasharon St. Tel Aviv, Israel


Dvir Gallery New Space Inauguration with three exhibitions

The renowned Dvir Gallery is entering a brand new space, at this occasion the gallery offer us not one but three new exciting exhibitions : I don’t need to introduce you to Lawrence Werner,  major figure of Conceptual art, the American  artist will surely surprise us with “On Top of The Wind”. Omer Fast is a contemporary Israeli video artist, I’m very looking forward to this exhibition as I didn’t have the chance yet to experience his work in an art space. Working with pornographic images, the artists brings a rawness to “Everything That Rises Must Converge”. Definitely edgy, Mr. Fast said that his goal was to keep his own final product balanced between being “arguably pornography, but also arguably art”**. The third exhibition “Reclining Seurat” will display installations/sculpture by TTI Abergel, Latifa Echakhch and Yudith Levin.

When  | November 23

Where  | Reshit Chochma 14, Tel Aviv

* Original text

** Original text

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