So, what did you think about last week’s openings ? Thursday evening was simply hectic, but quiet interesting aesthetically and conceptually. Few art galleries really made the effort to offer quality exhibitions with remarkably smart curatorial choices. I don’t know about, you but for once I really felt the so called Tel Aviv vibrant art and cultural scene.

What to expect this week? Here are few exhibitions and openings I’m looking forward to attend this week :


Maya Gold – By the Gazelles of the the Field 

Maya Gold is a Tel Aviv based Israeli painter. She said she started her artistic journey by accident. It’s at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem that she began her art education, noticing that unlike the other students she didn’t have a general art history knowledge. Maybe it gave her the freedom to develop her own ideas and to think outside of the box. Her visual language is very interesting, very personal. In only few years, Gold has been reviewed by numerous publications and rewarded with prestigious Israeli awards.  She is today represented by the Alon Segev Gallery, a beautiful contemporary art space located on the famous Rothschild boulevard. 

When  | November 7 AT 8 pm

Where | Alon Segev Gallery, 6 Rothschild Blvd Tel Aviv


Gilad Ophir – The 2013 Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli Artist

Gilad Ophir’s (b. 1957) photographs examine social and institutional historical processes and natural and artificial disintegrations as they are reflected in the landscape, in various types of architecture and in the abstraction of objects detached from environmental context. Ophir’s works refer to local culture, but hold a dialogue with the history of photography, exposing the interesting affinity between American photography and the European sources of typological photography”*.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art will present until April a beautiful exhibition of the Israeli artist curated by Nili Goren . Ophir’s photographies are both critical and conceptual, and will surely awake the curiosity of the photography aficionados.

When  | Until April 22

Where | 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Jeannette Assia Galleries.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-05 à 10.15.54

Lior Shvil, Tamar Hirschfeld & Gil Yefman – ETH(N)ICS

The Givon Art Gallery is a contemporary art space situated on Gordon street. Their art selections and curatorial guide line are always quiet interesting and less “mainstream” than other galleries in town. The new exhibition “ETH(N)ICS is featuring some of the most talented and conceptual video artists such as Lior Shvil, Tamar Hirschfeld and Gil Yefman. Video art is a very popular medium in Israel, this genre is well represented in art galleries and in museums. Is Israel a niche for video art? Let’s judge that this Friday.

When  | November 8th, 12 pm

Where |Givon Art Gallery, 35 Gordon St. Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2013-11-05 à 10.35.54

Ford Fiesta in Jessy – Group Exhibition 

The exhibition is the result of a workshop for local residents of the Israeli Center for Digital Art by Tzzazit ensemble artists. They “worked together to create moving installations – “Meizazim” built from Ford Fiesta parts that were deconstructed by the ensemble and the residents in a series of meetings, using the digital fabrication laboratory.  Their idea ? Creating moving sculptures.

When  | November 7th

Where | 4 Haamoraim Street, Holon

Also do not miss : 

The CCA ( Center for Contemporary Art ) is hosting ” Rock, Paper, Video Art – The Sequel “, a special new media family event. When ? November 9th. Where? 5 Kalisher St. Tel Aviv.

The lucky photographers of the Prix Pictet are doing a global tour with the exhibition “Power”. This price is “the world’s largest photography prize in the field of sustainability, using photographs to convey messages of sizeable global significance to a widespread audience”**.  When? Until November 30th. Where? Art Station Gallery : HaTachana Compound Manshia (Neve Zedek) – Cabin 14, Tel Aviv.

* Original text 

** Original text

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