Sometimes you just feel instantly connected with a piece of art, maybe because of its aesthetic, maybe because of it’s meaning, but most of the time for a reason that is simply bigger than you. During my studies I was always more relating to conceptual art than attracted by the beauty that a work of art could liberate.  With the time my sense of aesthetic surely matured and evolved, I like edgy, I like pop culture, I like pure lines, I like art connected with its surrounding, I like it experimental and committed, but I also like it naive and ironic. 

I discovered Guy Criden few months ago at the ZIZ Art Space, and I don’t know if it’s my recent fascination for collages, or if it’s his very smart way to recreate a new story with found pictures that attracted me, but I completely adore his work. It’s full of paradox, his sometimes surrealistic combinations give a powerful aesthetic to his pictures. He is surely playing with the pop cultures codes and sex, but brings a depth into it. There is beauty in his artworks.

This morning I felt like sharing with you his works, note that all the images are coming from the ZIZ Art Space Website.

גיא קרידן- Grey Matter
Grey Matter // 2013
Untitled-3 1 1
Waterfall // 2013
Capuchin Monk Reading 38x50
Capuchin Monk #2 // 2013
4 Study of a Head 40x50
Mofaz // 2013
The Kiss
The Kiss // 2013
Time- גיא קרידן
Time // 2013
lee marvin 13.5x19
Lee Marvin // 2013
1 King David  41.5x50
King David // 2013


Some of his works are available for purchase at the ArtSetters‘s pop-up shop at the Brown Hotel, until November 20th.

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