This week, “How to artsy up your week?” is back under the name “The Bubble-List”. As you can see on the blog, a new category opened. There you can find all the weekly art guides I’m preparing  with all my blogger love for you dear followers.  This Thursday evening is going to be particularly busy for the art aficionados that we are. I selected few exhibitions that I hope will satisfy your arty cravings. Note also that as part of “Loving Art, Making Art 2013″ festival, few galleries will held temporary installations or art pieces, a great opportunity to discover the work of artist such as Adi Dulza who will present “Duty Free” at the ZIZ Art Space.


Nogah Davidson – “Fwd:”

Davidson is an Israeli born artist. She is presenting her second solo show ever, and she has chosen one of the coolest place to held it : The ZIZ Art Space in downtown Tel Aviv.  The exhibition is a multimedia installation including Youtube based video works, sculpture, lighting, smoke and more.  Nogah Davidson is exploring and transmitting “varied conditions of chaos and limbo, spectacle and blindness, utopianism and autism, loops of consciousness and primitivism disguised as progress”*. Davidson is also a curator since 2011 at the Raw Art Gallery.If you are looking for a contemporary art experience, this is it.

When  | October 31st AT 8pm

Where  | Shvil ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Lital Lev Cohen – “φ32” // Yariv Spivak  – “Tempo Rubata”
It’s a double opening that the Tempo Rubato Gallery is offering us this Thursday. Lital Lev Cohen is a Tel Aviv based artist, I would qualified her art as abstract with a very strong visual language.  Cohen’s art works are quiet sensorial, she is introducing texture, using colours to give a sense of relief and depth. A very interesting artist to discover.   Yariv Spivak, who held “Astonish” an intense exhibition reflecting on the notions of abstract and space last April at the Tempo Rubato Gallery, is back with an installation named “Tempo Rubata”. Spivak “usually reconstructs mundane moments in his everyday life in which he had a sort of a spiritual experience”*.  Here, he is going to focus on the façade of the gallery, changing it in order to bring disorientation, and once again acting on the notion of space. To not be miss.
When  | October 31st AT 8 pm
Where  |9 Sgula street, Tel Aviv, Israel
100° Meter Radius – Group exhibition
Curated by Sari Golan Sarig, the concept/theme of the show “100° Meter Radius really awaken my curiosity. Based in the south of Tel Aviv, two steps away from the Levinsky market, the STA Gallery became in few exhibitions an essential urban/contemporary art niche in the white city. Very connected, and in a perpetual dialogue with its surroundings, the gallery is going to present five of the leading photographers in town. Their project is smart and simple : presenting new works, all focusing on what is happening in the 100 meter radius around the gallery.  The idea is “to re-examine the concepts of center and periphery in relation to the area where the gallery is located”**. They are looking to connect with the environment of the STA Gallery on many levels such as politic, aesthetic, social situation,  and of course the local culture.
Artists :  Yashaev, Adi Brande, Gal Amiram, Tamir Sher, and Boaz Aharonovitch.
When  | October 31st AT 8 pm
Where | 25, Haaliya , Tel Aviv
White Sun of the Desert – Klone
We already talked few times about the artist Klone on the blog. I had the chance to visit his studio few months ago, and I’m still very impressed by his way to express himself and his art through so many medium such as street art, drawings, paintings, and most recently fashion.  This solo exhibition will be held at the Zimmer Project Space, and will present originals new artworks.
When  |  October 31st AT 8pm
Where  | 5, Hagdud Haivri, Tel Aviv
 Noa Gur – Solo Show 
I couldn’t love more the innovation and the contemporary art vibes coming from the Braverman Gallery. Always focusing on Video and Installation art, the gallery presents us this week  four video works by the Israeli artist Noa Gur. Working between Tel Aviv and Berlin, Gur is showing videos she worked on for the last two years.  Her videos are approaching subjects such as materialism, religion and ritual in our world . Curated by Adi Gura, the exhibition also focus on the role of the body  in our modern societies.
When  | October 31st AT 8pm
Where| 12 b Hasharon St. Tel Aviv, Israel
Hilla Toony Navok – Origins
Navok is an Israeli artist. She is  presenting this week at the Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art a brand new show composed with sculpture installation and a series of colored drawings. Her sculptures are very architectural, she is literally creating a colourful environment.  Her artworks are made with metal, pipes, cleaning material, synthetic, and aluminium, they are forming abstract shapes  with different textures. She is ironically exploring the core of our culture cleanliness through codes of popular Israeli design and use of everyday products.
When  | October 31st AT 8 pm
Where | 60 Ehad Ha’am st.Tel-Aviv
* ZIZ Art Space Press release
** STA Gallery Press release
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