Ah well, the John Baldessari in me bagging for “No More Boring Art” was finally listen, and quiet satisfied last week ( and no, I wasn’t at the Frieze in London). The show that hit my arty spot the most was the group exhibition “High Ceiling curated by Liz Hagag. Each piece was so unique but somehow they manage to find harmony together. A very refreshing and eclectic show, presenting installations, sculptures, paintings and photographies.

Let’s focus now on the upcoming week, and what is out there for us arty lovers :


Simcha Shirman – Waiting for the Crows

Born in 1947 in an holocaust survivor family in Germany, yet the artist grew up in Israel. His photographies document subjects and places connected to Israeli life. Death and still life are present in the artist new show at the Gordon Gallery 2, subjects that the artist already worked on, particularly in “Breakwater” and in “Working Pages”. Working mostly in black and white (silver print), he focuses on landscapes and operate a real work of documentarist with a poetic and melancholic touch.

When | Opening October 24, 7.30 pm

Where | 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv


Artist talk with Vivian Ostrovsky – Splash

Splash is without any doubt the “experience” of the moment. An amazing sensorial 16 mm film installation projected on different items such as sculptures made by Silvi Simon. Exploring the abyss of the sea and contemplating the fusion of the personal and the public sphere, Splash brings you in a bubble and trouble your senses.

Vivan Ostrovsky “will speak about the process of working with 16mm film, manipulating the image, and the connection between the analog 16mm and the sea environment the exhibition create”.

When | October 26, 12 pm

Where | Hangar 2, Jaffa Port


Group Exhibition – Eye

An exhibition dealing with the unambiguous term “eye” , the idea of vision, of perspective and contemplation. The show will feature photographies, video, sculpture and installations, and will operate also a reflection on the new technologies entering the art sphere.  Probably a quiet experimental exhibition to not miss.

When |October 24, 8 pm

Where |33 Hachshmal St. Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2013-10-21 à 11.00.29

Naama Tsabar – Showtime

Last week I went back to the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, after the big crowed opening of Showtime few months ago, I finally had to enjoy in a more intimate atmosphere the performance “Propagation” of Naama Tsabar. She is playing every Thursday evening at 8.30 pm in her “sound installation”, for few weeks more only. It’s also a good opportunity to experience or re experience the experimental works of Alona Rodeh and Janet Cardiff .

When | Every Thursday at 8.30 pm until November 23

Where |Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

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