It’s been a while I didn’t come up with some tips to artsy up your week. Lack of inspiration? Yes sir ! But it looks like today I got my arty modjo back. Where to go? What to see? This week is without a doubt under the art and the fashion sign, so be ready folks.


Splash – A project by artist-filmmakers Vivian Ostrovsky and Silvi Simon

The Tel Aviv Center for Contemporary Art and the Jet Lag Productions are presenting since last Thursday at the Jaffa Port, a 16mm film installation. Both focusing on experimental cinema, Ostrovsky who studied in Paris and Simon who follow a cursus in Brussels, have also their love for the Super8 format in common.  The film brings together personal  and anonymous footages. There is something very technic, very digital in their film. The devices (Silvi Simon optical sculptures) that they are using to screen the film on and through, and therefore manipulate and deconstruct the images, bring to the whole installation a poetic and light feeling.

 When | Until October 28

 Where | Hangar 2, Jaffa Port


Holon Fashion Week 2013

Israel is surely not yet a fashion center such as Paris, New York or Milan, and prima facie Israeli fashion is hard to describe. Holon with its iconic Design Museum is trying to make the city a international center for design. It’s the 6th year that the Museum will hold the fashion week, and will this time bring the focus on  handcrafting and the new technologies in fashion :”Holon Fashion Week will revolve around two main trends in attitude to materials in contemporary fashion endeavour: a return to handcrafting in contrast with adopting advanced technologies, which were foreign to the fashion world and now provide fashion designers with tools that change the rules of the game”. Conferences, lectures, pop up spaces, fashion installation, panels will be there to entertain the happy fews.

 When |From October 14 to October 19

 Where |Design Museum Holon


Yuval Yairi – Land

This Tel Aviv born artist has already an impressive carrier behind him, exhibited in important institutions such as the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Contemporary Art Museum or the San Diego Natural History Museum. His new body of work is bringing us through different landscapes with a man holding the white letters of the word “LAND”. The questioning of the meaning of land and space is recurrent in Israel. An interesting and intense exhibition.

 When |Opening October 10

 Where | Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, 68 Hey B-iyar St. Tel Aviv


Khen Shish – I Didn’t Have the Heart to Wake You

This is the first solo exhibition of Khen Shish at the Gordon Gallery. It will show new painting of the artist created over the last year.It is on large canvases that Shish works, bringing to life his strange creatures. His use of pink bring some softness and pop touch to his quiet dark subjects. Khen Shish lives and works in Tel Aviv. To have the chance to learn more about his work, a gallery talk will be held on October 25th.

When | Opening on October 17th

Where|Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yehuda St Tel Aviv

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