I was going to write my (almost) weekly guide to give you guys some tips to artsy up your week, when I was hit by a (almost) sad reality. I was investigating the two big upcoming arty events of the week : the La Culture pop up gallery at the Gordon Gallery 2, and the opening of the Artsetters pop up store at the very trendy Brown Hotel, and I realised that the list of the artists exhibiting and selling was pretty much the same at both of the events.

I have no doubt about the quality of each event, and I’m actually really looking forward to visit both of them, but why OH why in a city like Tel Aviv known for its “vibrant” art scene there is a taste of déjà vu everywhere we go? When I came back from Europe I already shared with you my feeling of lassitude regarding this very conventional world and its lake of innovations. The Tel Aviv art scene is too confined, too comfortable, and we all know that nothing special or revolutionary in art ever came from comfort.

The lack of a real contemporary art market, the lack of an art fair bringing international galleries and buyers in Israel is not helping for sure, but the holy land his surely full of resources, of talented people with a vision and a voice who just needs to get out of their comfort zone.

Minus the fact that their artist “line up” is pretty much similar, I think that the two projects are worthy and should be supported.

Have an Arty week folks!

La Culture | Transition

When | From October 10 to October 12

Where | Gordon Gallery 2, 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv

Arsetters  | Pop Up Shop Tel Aviv Edition 

When | From October 10 to November 20

Where | Tel Aviv Brown Hotel (25, Kalisher Steet, Tel Aviv).

** Featured picture by Israel Eliahu at Gordon Gallery 2

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