It is always such a treat after a gallery or a museum visit, to bring home an exhibition catalogue.  While I was interning at the Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels, I remember being as much impress by their catalogue/art book collection than by the art in the gallery itself. These catalogues were precious. I promise, I’m not suffering from the gift shop syndrome at all, I truly consider them as part of the exhibition, and an interesting  way to extend my relation with the exhibit outside of the gallery/museum walls.

It is the a secret that I love the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, it’s a smart place that offer quality exhibitions and a real reflection on Israel contemporary art scene and beyond. It is also possible to purchase catalogues there at affordable prices (which is amazing nowadays knowing how expensive it is to produce and edit a book). The Tel Aviv Museum of Art and its little sister the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, also have some beautiful exhibitions catalogues.

I made for you a little selection of my recent catalogue “crushes” from past or ongoing exhibitions in Tel Aviv :


Deganit Berest, The Conspiracy of Nature, Works 1973-2013

Ellen Ginton – Curator

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2013

Deganit Berest is currently exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.



Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, 2013

Designed by Nadav Shalev.

A total sensorial installation and  experience that I’m not ready to forget.


Nira Pereg: All of This Can Be Reconstructed Elsewhere

Curated by Sergio Edelsztein

Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, 2013

An intense exhibition where I had the chance to hear the artist explaining her work process.

Surely one of my favorite show this year.


What You See Is What You Get ( Group exhibition)

Anat Danon Sivan – Curator
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2013

An interesting and political exhibition focusing on two medias : Sculpture and Video

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