Yes I took a break, a long one, and I must say that it felt so good to be in Europe again. Being there made me realize how tiny is Tel Aviv, and how limited is the art market here. Always the same crowd, the same events, the same art galleries, almost no room for criticism as everyone knows each other. A bubble. A bubble that should maybe bursts to grow old. During my trip I became aware that what I really like in Tel Aviv was the uprising of small and new art spaces, ready to show something different, that aim to more authenticity.

So what did I miss? The holiday season surely slowed down the country, but while I was away I missed three openings I’m planning to catch up on as soon as I can. Here they are :

Boaz Aharonovitch

Boaz Aharonovitch – New Paintings  – Solo Show

I got “cyber” introduce to Boaz Aharonovitch few months ago through Yaniv-Yehuda Eiger, the owner of the ZIZ Art Space in Tel Aviv, and it was a real pleasure to discover its work as a photographer, a painter or even as a curator.  I like his way of exploring different media, his subtlety and his vision of his surroundings.

Where | Shvil Ha-Merets 6, 2nd Floor, Tel Aviv

When | Until October 26th

Keren Ella Gefen, Untitled, 2013

Face Off – Group Exhibition : Roy Efrat, Keren Ella Gefen, Naama Hofman, Dana Nechmad and Diego Singh

The Braverman Gallery is without a doubt one of my favorite art gallery in Tel Aviv. Located in the south of the city, they mainly focus on video and installation art. They don’t only offer an exhibition space,they also  get involve as producer in some artists projects, becoming part of the creation process. I’m never disappointed by their curatorial choices, and always blowed away by the quality of the artworks presented there.

Face Off : “The exhibition brings together a group of young artists – most of them recently graduated from different art schools, locally and abroad – that question the media of painting. The works in the show display the artists’ shared interest in the materiality and the process of painting. The creative process of these works is considered to be relatively slow and intricate, perhaps as a reaction to the abundance of visual information in today’s world”*.

Where |12b Hasharon St. Tel Aviv, Israel

When |Until October 24th

Ben David Rea

What is to Become? – Group exhibition

The Binyamin Gallery is an interesting project. Opened by eleven artists, all willing to offer an alternative approach to the Tel Aviv art scene, the Binyamin Gallery is a non capitalist manifesto. Their idea is not motivated by any commercial consideration, but by the creation of a platform for emerging artists from Israel and beyond.

What is to Become? is curated by Etty Schwartz, it’s a multimedia exhibit with an emphasis on photography, focusing on the notion of space.

 Where |28 Chlenov st. Tel Aviv

When | Until October 12th

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