It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for design. As far as I can remember my love for all things design related began in college. No, it was not during a trip to the student Mecca otherwise known as IKEA – I was studying contemporary art and took ‘An introduction to Design’ class. The idea that aesthetics and functionality could so happily coexist was a seducing notion. From all that I discovered; early modernism to cutting edge contemporary designs, I favour the pure lines, the geometric shapes, the elegance and the industrial materials. Much like any other art discipline, design history is crossed by numerous movements, philosophies and manifestos. Design is now such an overused term that it almost has no particular meaning. I like to think that quite simply design is art that you can sit on, eat on, lie on or carry on and it is this very simplicity is what actually makes design so complex.

As we love lists so much at The Bubblist, I decided to put together our top must haves of Israeli design:

1. Ron Arad’s Ripple Chair 


2. Hagit Pincovici’ Galena Cabinet 


3. Naama Hofman’s “005 Collection


4. Producks Design Studio’s Poli chair


5. Noam Tabenkin’s hospital furniture


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