I love blogs. I love design. I love breaks. So when I landed on Einat happy and colourful platform, I couldn’t have been more delighted. Let’s meet this design aficionado :


Picture by Noa Kedmi

First of all can you tell us more about you?

Let’s see… I’m a design blogger (it feels so good saying that!) and I guess it says it all. I’m obsessed with all things design, bold accessories and shoes. I studied Interactive Design at Camera Obscura (a long long time ago) and worked as a web designer at the beginning of my career.
Until not so long ago I lived in Ramat-Gan, Israel, but almost six months ago, a big dream of mine came true. I got the opportunity to move to San Francisco (thanks to my loving partner and his awesome job) and I’m loving every minute. You can say that for me design comes first and that how I choose to live my life. I love being surrounded by white spaces, dashes of colors and lots of amazing designers. Oh and… most importantly, my coffee breaks are crucial for my everyday survival. I guess that being some sort of Instagram junky is also part of my daily survival.

How the Design Break adventure started?

After working as a web designer for a while, I decided that I needed to explore a different path. I found out that I love to design but not so much designing for someone other than myself. So, after much thought, and being encouraged by my partner, I quit my job and took some time to think about my next step in life.
I used to sit in front of my computer and gaze for hours at so many amazing design blogs and I was really blown away by all of the variety. I wasn’t thinking about a blog of my own and actually it was my partner who came up with the idea (he knows me better than I do). After giving it some thought, I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to be some sort of design ambassador, so writing about the mad talent in Israel sounded like an obvious choice.

Design Break has a lot of follower, how is it to work on it on a daily basis?

I can honestly say that it’s my dream job. I’m actually doing what I love most, which is searching for all the amazing designers and their unique creations and writing about them. One of the things I love most about my DB journey are all the friendships that I made along the way with some pretty special designers and bloggers that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t from that.

What do you think about Israeli Design?

I’m not really sure if you can say something in general about Israeli design. I can definitely say that the young Israeli designers are wicked and driven. Many of them have their mind set on their end result and straight after school open their studio to start leaving their mark in the design world. Another thing that I admire in these young designers is the fact that they will always find a way to reach higher grounds. As I said, they are super driven!

Who are your favorite Israeli designers?

I was afraid you’ll ask me that question. The list is endless and since starting this journey each and everyday I have a new favorite. Seriously, that’s how good the designers are around here. Lately I discovered my love for textile and ceramics and if I have to pick, at the moment it has to be textile designers Lee Coren, Dikla Levsky and the newly graduate Michal Fierstein and the ceramist Yaara Landau-Katz. I also enjoy growing side by side some of my designer friends Ruta Reifen, Dana Bloom, Inbal Ithachi and Lital Mendel all of which are brilliant jewellery designers.

Is it important for you through your website to bring awareness on the Israeli design scene abroad?

Actually it’s my main goal as a blogger and that’s how and why it all started. Most of the designers (like I once used to be) like doing their own thing, designing from morning to evening in their studio and not worrying about anything else. I guess that in a way I’m helping them spreading the word out here. Some know what’s needed to be done but there are others who need to be pushed and be encouraged and that’s what I’m here for.

Five things you love about Tel Aviv?

Since moving to San Francisco I began to appreciate Israel’s warm weather and the beach! To this day I haven’t found a beach to get my dose of needed sunshine. It’s both depressing and sad at the same time.
And then… there is the food! I’m such a foodie and as one, I love good looking and eating yummy pastries any day of the week (hi there Brown, Bakery29, Delicatessen, Orna & Ella). And last but definitely not least are all the designer shops (Liebling, Shani Bar, O-SHAN, Maya Shalev, UnaUna…) and studios which are spread around town (hi there, Noritamy, Tesler+ Mendelovitch, Bakery, Nir Meiri, Complét , Studio Ve… ).

Your favorite arty spots in Tel Aviv?

I’m not much of an artsy person but from time to time I enjoy visiting the Tel Aviv Museum mostly when they show textile or jewelry exhibitions. Come to think of it, I also love the Periscope Gallery. I appreciate the verity of designers and disciplines that are shown year round there. Do you consider designer shoe shops as Artsy spots? I sure do.

As a blogger I know that my job is involving A LOT of internet browsing, what’s are your favorite blogs, tumblr, flickr, etc ?

That’s so true and there are so many that I enjoy and look up to. The Design Files is an Australian blog that features Aussie designers, Sivan Askayo’s travel blog. Sivan is a travel photographer and a good friend of mine and I like experiencing the world through her photographs and words. And then there are: Hello Sandwich, Park & Cube, Kinfolk, Miss Moss, Oh Joy! and… the most amazing stationary store aka Present & Correct to name a few (and trust me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg)

What are you hottest spots in the world to find out great designs?

I’m obsessed with the MAD Museum in NYC and every time visit I don’t forget to come back. However, to be honest other than that I’m not much of a museum kind of person, I only like their shops, because you can find some brilliant designs there and you can buy them on the spot! Whenever I plan a vacation, I search local blogs that cover local design fairs and pop-up shops and I follow their path. I also make sure to find some amazing shoe stores and ones that carry bold accessories. If I have to name a few: Liberty London is on the top of my list and then, the shop at London’s Design Museum, the shop at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, and the Omotesando neighbourhood in Tokyo. Omotesando is the dreamiest neighbourhood for all things design from designed coffee shops to designed flower shops to designed ice-cream shops! Oh, and the Dover Street Market in Tokyo as well. You don’t want to miss it (and look for the Rose Bakery at the top floor)!

I love your curatorial choices on the website, do you respect a guide line or you are just following your design crushes?

Thank you, it means a lot! At the beginning I mostly wrote about accessories that I liked and wanted to wear, but a lot has changed since then. I’m one of those who really enjoy clean lines and white spaces and that’s also how I designed my blog. And so in most cases I write about the design on the minimalist spectrum. I don’t like super chaotic designs but sometimes if I’m being introduced to a project which is accompanied by beautiful and slick pictures I’d feel the urge to feature it no matter what. Yep, beautiful pictures can make it or break it!

Three designs must have this season?

Lee Coren’s Scarves (I know it’s August but I’m freezing around here), Amiram Biton’s Drop vase ( it’s from 2011 but I’m still so much in love with it’s design) and any of the ceramic products of the Herzl Collection by Mey and Boaz Kahn.


To follow Einat’s design breaks there is of course her Blog, but also her great Facebook page to get your daily design shoot. 

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