In few days, the Tel Aviv Museum of art will present selected works from the Mugrabi’s collection. Summer might be a quiet season in the art world, but this highly expected exhibition is without the shadow of a doubt a future arty it.

Who are the Mugrabis? The Israeli born and raise patriarch Jose, and his two sons David and Alberto (both New York art dealers) own one of the most valuable and largest private art collection in the world (it is estimated at over 3000 artworks). Jose started his empire in the textile industry before moving to the Big Apple, where he met the art collector Jeffrey Deitch. With his help he undertook the creation of his very own collection, and is today known as the owner of the biggest Andy Warhol collection, after of course the  Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

They surely have a predilection for Pop art, but also have some impressive pieces by contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Richard Prince or Jeff Koons. The Mugrabis are private art dealers, it means that they don’t represent artist or own a gallery. In order to stock their artworks and give to the public the opportunity to have a look at it, they have two warehouse (one in Geneva and one in Newark) where they keep most of their precious collection.  They like saying that they are “market makers”, that they influence the course of the art market by buying and selling.

The exhibition ” Wanted” is under the sign of the pop culture,and will of course feature iconic works of Andy Warhol, but also artworks from Basquiat or Prince. A must go.

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When |Opening August 8

Where  |The Tel Aviv Museum of Art


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