I don’t know about you, but for me every week its always the same old song  : Which event, opening or exhibition should I attend? Between the Facebook invitations, the press releases on my mailbox and the billion events my friends are telling me about, I’m systematically confused.

Here are few options to ARTSY UP your week :


Micha Bar-Am: Dividing Line : Photographs from the Yom Kippur War

“The exhibition, which marks the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, comprises forty photographs taken by Micha Bar-Am before, during and within the war. Most are shown for the first time and reveal a new facet in the photographer’s unique work”.

When  | From July 19th to October 26th

Where   |The Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Bezalel Graduate Show

The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design is undoubtedly a niche for new talents and a mecca of ingenuity.

When | From July 22nd to August 2nd

Where | The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem


When I grow up : New fanzine by Foma

Foma is a painter, a drawer, a photographer, and seems to like interact with her environment as I discovered her in the streets of Tel Aviv through a series of portraits she hanged all over the city. She is presenting her new fanzine in black and white featuring the portrait of inspirational women.

When| July 22nd AT 9.00 pm

Where | Teder FM (9 Derech Yaffo, Tel Aviv)


 Everyone : Group Show

As the name of the exhibition implies it, the art show is open to everyone. Everybody is welcome to submit their works and participate to that hybrid instrumental arty project. Their ambitious project is also a reflection on the status of the art object and on the exhibition space. A must go.

When| July 23rd AT 8.00 pm

Where | Mazeh 9 Tel Aviv


Outside Interference – Lecture By Noah Simblist

This lecture in collaboration with the Israeli Center for Digital Art (Holon) will focus on ” how artists can often act as outsiders to criticize, explicitly or implicitly, the social ills of a society foreign to them”.  Simblist is a writer, an artist and a curator.

When | July 24 AT 7.00 pm

Where | The Center for Contemporary Art (5 Kalisher street, Tel Aviv)



Ohad Meromi // New Works + Summer exhibitions at Gordon & Gordon 2

The Gordon Gallery and its little sister the Gordon Gallery 2 are two majors galleries in Tel Aviv. For the summer they are presenting a group show that will feature the works of artists like Larry Abramson, Ruthi Helbitz Cohen,Yuri Kats,Simcha Shirman, Gal Weinstein and of course Ohad Meromi.

When | July 25 AT 7.30 pm

Where |Gordon Gallery (95 Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv), and Gordon Gallery 2 (4 Natan Hachacham, Tel Aviv)


Girl Power – Art exhibition

A funky exhibition focusing on women creativity. Artists : Nat, SkeleTom, Ronit Rozensal, Noa Alon, Yulia Shorty, HAHA, Kuki Ariel.

When | July 25 AT 8.00 pm

Where  | Jin-G (39 Allenby, Tel Aviv)

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