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After several years working in London’s contemporary art industry, I decided to make the exciting move to Tel Aviv. Part of the fun of discovering the city has been visiting the galleries, museums, cinemas and boutiques that Tel Aviv has to offer. In my career so far I’ve had the opportunity to encounter some of the most inspiring people the international art world has to offer and have been lucky enough to develop a knowledge of, and a taste for, all that visual art encompasses. From architecture to video installation – I am intrigued by it all, although I am definitely most at home in a museum bookshop. My love for art magazines and books has led me to the Bubblist, where I look forward to combining my passion for the arts with that of the written word – bringing you the latest from the Tel Aviv art scene.


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Graduates from the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering present their final projects in an exciting series of events and exhibitions. This year’s ‘End of the Year Events’ marks an experimental step forward for the college as it has usually followed a more traditional, exhibition focused, route. This innovative programme unites seven of the college’s departments to introduce the public to a wealth of Shenkar inspiration and talent.

Founded in 1970, in Ramat Gan, the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, has achieved international recognition as a institute of higher education, providing Israel with advanced services in research and development. The college is named after its founder Aryeh Shenkar – the first President of the Manufactures Association of Israel and a pioneer in the Israeli textile industry.

Shenkar’s unique appeal is the close connection of its two faculties, that of Design and Engineering. Each has a strict identity but the two often collaborate on projects, enabling students an opportunity to be exposed to different disciplines and fields of knowledge.

The college has become a hub for the next generation of Israeli talent to hone their skills in an array of departments from Jewelry Design to Cultural Studies to Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Its most famous alumnus is one of the fashion industry’s celebrated designers – Alber Elbaz – who, since 2001, has been the Creative Director of the Parisian fashion house Lanvin.

Head over to the college to see who could be the designers, innovators and thinkers of the future!


Click HERE for a full list of the Graduate events.

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