After eight months in Israel, I have the feeling that it’s time for an appraisal, an arty one of course, so today I want to share with you my arty spots. As a newbie in the city, I stride its sidewalks from north to south non stop, always looking for the next interesting place that will awake my enthusiasm. As you probably noticed, I’ m digging into this Tel Aviv art scene step by step, keeping a simple and lay back attitude, and trying to make this world accessible to all of you. Israel is surely known as a start up and high tech nation, but has definitely the potential to be known as an arty nation, with its young dynamic art scene and its passionates art lovers, the holy land has all the tools he needs to expend in that domain.Here is a selection of places, artists, initiatives and blogs that I highly recommend you to try or discover.

Five  Art Galleries to check out :

  1. The Braverman Gallery
  2. Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art
  3. Contemporary Art Center
  4. ZIZ Art Space
  5. Indie Photography Group Gallery

Four arty initiatives to discover and support :

  1. La Culture 
  2. Platform
  3. The Pop Up gallery
  4. Omanoot

Five street artists to discover right in the city :

  1. Klone
  2. Know Hope
  3. Pilpeled
  4. Foma
  5. Nitzan Mintz

Five yummy places (yes yes food can be arty) :

  1. Xoho Cafe
  2. Delicatessen
  3. Orna ve Ella
  4. Port Said
  5. The shuk 

Five  blogs  and online magazines that I follow :

  1. Telavivian
  2. Marilyn & Josephine
  3. High Magazine
  4. TLV Birdie
  5. Midnight East

Five “artsy” places I like :

  1. The shuk Hapishpeshim (Jaffa flea market)
  2. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  3. Gal Cohen studio in Jaffa
  4. Verner Boutique
  5. The Cinémathèque

Don’t hesitate to share with me your arty spots !!

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