One of my favorite thing about being a blogger is to meet interesting  people, and being introduce to great projects. I was lucky enough to be contacted by the Tel Aviv based artist Hagar Cygler,who invited me to have a look at one of her current work Project Hannah. Cygler, who studied in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, is also a photographer, therefor her interest for this medium make sense. She always collected pictures and photo albums from her family, but also from other people. She uses them as base of her art work, manipulating them and adding other material to create the piece she had in mind.

Project Hannah, started in a flea market. After buying old families albums, Hagar Cygler discovered a serie of pictures from a woman, posing in different outfits in front of the same door. She decided to give a voice to this unknown fashion heroine. She first opened a blog dedicated to Hannah, and posted a new picture every day. After a while, she felt the urge to know more about this woman, and started to look after her. The next step of Project Hannah was to publish a book about her, about her looks and about Cygler’s quest for Hannah. The artist also created a serie of prints that are available online.

Her project mix art, fashion, history and photography in a very personal and original way. Cygler is showing us that a Muse can be find everywhere,but also pointing the importance of talking more about common and regular people like us, who has stories that are more likely to be forget.


Three events regarding Project Hannah are going to be held in Israel :

May 20 in Jaffa – May 23 in Jerusalem – May 24 in Tel Aviv

More information about theses upcoming events will be available on The Bubblist Facebook Page.

To know more about Project Hannah join their page on Facebook here, and their Website here.


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