One of my favorite thing since I moved in the Holy Land, is to discover its arty scene and the ones who are making it. I didn’t know much about Israeli contemporary art when I arrived in Tel Aviv, so it became a mission for me to learn more about it and to jump into the big pool by attending as much cultural events as possible.

I regularly stop by the Gordon Gallery II, it’s a space I feel connected with. I love their curatorial choices, and the way they are focusing on young talents. Two days ago, I attended the opening of GAL WEINSTEIN new show, and once again I was not disappointed.

Weinstein is an Israeli artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv. As soon as you get around his works, it is clear that he has a thing for texture and materials. Through different medias like painting, installation or video, he is exploring the notions of space and surface.  The exhibition is very harmonious and uncluttered, maybe  because of the use of the wool in his creative process that give something aerial to the pieces but also a very organic aspect. One of the main piece of the exhibition is made of coffee grounds in process of moldiness, representing an aerial view of a landscape. I found it particularly intense like it was bringing life in the gallery. The use of the steel wool for the other pieces participated to a pleasant trompe l’oeil effect , that make the viewers play with the prospects and discover the pieces under different angles.

Here are some views of the exhibitions :


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Gordon Gallery 2

4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv 63413

Tel: 972-3-5290011



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