And if for once instead of focusing on the upcoming arty events, we were taking a look at the ones that are going to be history soon? We all know that exhibitions are ephemeral, but I’m still amazed to see how fast people are consuming art, like if they were in a perpetual quest to find the  next big thing. So let’s not look forward this time,but have a lay bak look at what is the present is offering (yes reader, I’m in a carpe diem kind of day).

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Lady of the Daisies, A Tribute to Lea Gottlieb 1918 -2012, AT the Holon Design Museum :

Curated by : Ayala Raz

Until : May 11

It is your very last chance to discover this homage exhibition dedicated to an amazing fashion Lady, Lea Gottlieb “who initiated a leading and innovative area of fashion in Israel’s textile industry, and gained international renown as a leader in her field”. If you like fashion and have an ounce of feminism inside of you, I invite you to go and by the same chance to be blow away by the building of the museum designed by Ron Arad.


One on One by John Stezaker, At Tel Aviv Museum of Art :

Curated by : Irith Hadar

Until : May 18

John Stezaker is a British artist, who the main art focus is the creation of collages : ” (his) collages are created manually via procedures of inversion, composition, cutting and removal applied to fixed media images—film stills, portraits of movie stars, landscape postcards”. If you like photography, retro/vintage aesthetic and surrealistic combination, you can miss your last chance to see the exhibition.

אלעד ערמון- ללא כותרת 2013- 5

Mountain Shadow by Elad Armon, AT Ziz Art Space :

Until : May 25

Ziz Art Space is quiet recent on the Tel Aviv Art Scene. They want to bring young Israeli artists under the spotlights, by proposing an alternative “business” strategy that will make members of the gallery able to purchase pieces at affordable price. Elad Armon is an emerging talent, his exhibition offers a reading of his work through different media. It’s really contemporary, dark and a bite edgy. If you are curious to discover this new downtown Tel Aviv space, it’s a perfect opportunity.

Contacts :

Holon Design Museum

Pinhas Eilon St. 8
Holon, 5845400

Tel: 972-73-2151515

Tel Aviv Art Museum

27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, POB 33288, The Golda Meir Cultural and Art Center, 61332 Tel Aviv, Israel

+972 (0)3 6077020

Ziz Art Space

Shvil Ha-Merets 6, 2nd Floor, Space 16, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 6653522, Israel


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