Before moving to Tel Aviv, I wanted to read-up on art, fashion, events, history and features of the beautiful “White City”. Blogs were a perfect way for me to familiarize myself with the vibe and culture of the trendy metropolis by the beach. I’ve always had an admiration for people who put themselves out there; for those who manage to create free spaces without falling into an “ego” blog that a lot of bloggers- especially fashion ones- sometimes fall into. While on my quest for cultural substance I happily discovered “TLV Birdie”, a Tel-Aviv based fashion blog created by mononymous Olya. Finally, a fashion blog that prioritized content over “looks”offerings. Here, Olya makes it her mission to feature affordable style. I must admit that mixing affordable basics with more expensive pieces has always been my thing, and this TLV Birdie girl must have been cut from the same style-mold as me.  She answered a few of my questions but before that, her introduction below:


By Olya

It always been interesting for me how does the fashion backstage works. I don’t mean catwalks and fashion show’s backstage, I mean our daily life. What moves us to buy one or another style piece, or how much work is behind of displaying things in the stores the way causes us wanting/craving/buying them without really thinking over. Thus, I’ve started working as a visual merchandiser for fashion brands few years ago, and now completing my educational background in this sphere at Shenkar College.

I moved to Tel Aviv from Russia about year and a half ago, and this is the best thing happened to me so far. It’s a magical love story between me and the White City, that keeps being my essential inspiration source. Relaxed life-style, bicycle as a main transport, people feel free to wear whatever they want to, street art, mixed coffee and sea salt flavored air, architecture. I feel here that I can follow my passion and make a career from it, not cheating on myself with things I don’t really feel like. Here I have to mention, I got a degree in international relations. I assume finding your own niche is a really important moment.

Since I’ve realized I love to see the whole picture of how Tel Aviv and fashion get together, I started my TLV Birdie blog. It’s an insider’s look on window displays over Tel Aviv, unique and very local. I am trying to catch city reflections through window glass while shooting, this is the way I enjoy looking at Tel Aviv.

 Can you describe your style in few words?

My personal style reflects the city too: a bit colorful, a bit urban, a bit soft and a bit edgy as well. I like mixing textures and prints, besides I do that following my budget-friendly philosophy. It is easy to wear brands and look fabulous, the challenge for me is to look unique while wearing mass-market.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Basically, in surroundings – city, nature, stylish strangers on the street, art fairs. Surely, I got some inspirational blogs in my morning feed and interesting people on Instagram that I follow, that I receive those “sparkles” from, if you know what I mean.

Who are your fashion gurus/style icons?

Emm, let’s say the person with the most admiring style for me is Adeline Rapon, french blogger. ( But again, it’s about style, not fashion. Just to be clear.”

How Tel Aviv is influencing your looks?

Tel Aviv makes me almost go nude in it’s summer heating hell. Hah, kidding. The one thing I’ve learned here – that less is more. I admit I’ve started wearing white plain tees and boyfriend jeans and feeling sexy when I moved to Tel Aviv.

Four pieces/items that define your look?

Dress with innocent print(birdies mostly;), denim vest, sparkling sneakers, striped shirts.

What are your best shopping spots in Tel Aviv?

My steady helpers and favorite stores in Israel are retail giants such as Forever21, H&M, Zara, Gap, as well as little vintage stores for a special touch. But the edgy accessories are my true passion. Here, I go for local designers. I admire bags from Stella&Lori and Liberinabags, and my very much beloved jewelry designer is Wild Thing Studio. Besides, I just love flea markets digging.

What are your fashion must wear for this summer?

Crochet shorts, paisley prints, floral dresses and straw hats. I’m voting for bohemian chic this summer.

What do you love about Tel Aviv?

It is the city to fall in love with, and to find love in. It treats me magically, and I pay it back. I love that people are walking with dogs and kids everywhere. I love that riding bicycles is a part of daily transport. I love that people are feeling free in the City and expressing themselves through art. I love how Telavivian air makes me tipsy.

How is it to be a fashion blogger in the white city?

I’m just in the very beginning of this path, let’s return to this question later.

What’s are your favorite Tel aviv addresses for art and food?

For some fresh art portion I go to La Culture exhibitions, they always choose the best from young Telavivian artist to present. For real food..tough question, everything is tasty here, but from the latest places I’ve got addicted to – Meshek Barzilay on Ahad Haam 6, tasty vegan food and lovely atmosphere. And, of course, Tamara yogurt, it’s the summer food number one.

I invite you to discover the Blog and to give her a LIKE on the TLV Birdie Facebook page


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