Like a lot of us, I have a tiny Instagram addiction (but I might be on the road of recovery). Instagram is a social network base on pictures sharing, giving everyone the feeling to be a great, insightful and special photographer. Despite the fact that artists nowadays are making this media more interesting by using the platform to share their art or a visual diary with the world, I still think that we should let photography to photographer, and make the best of it by using Instagram with recoil and sense of humor.

Today the new trend that is making me smile is the “Arty Selfie”. The dark days of the stereotypical selfie are gone, leaving some room for more fun and creativity. The arty selfie is either a self portrait in front of a piece of art or a classic selfie review by some creatives minds. Instagram became a cultural marker in our generation, so after all why not sharing some art through it !

Next time you are in an art gallery, #insta #arty #selfie yourself and tag @the_bubblist !

Posted by:evakirilof

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