The month of May in tel Aviv seems to definitely be under the Art sign. With the sixth Fresh Paint Art Fair coming up soon, that will feature all the leading contemporary art galleries of the country, I was really curious to learn more about this arty event as I always was used to the European art Fairs with their very international vibes. As I was making some search,I was happy to discover that this year for the first time, in parallel of the main contemporary art fair, a DESIGN fair will hit the city. I previously mention here the fact that the Israeli design scene was tremendously expanding lately, so it seems completely appropriate to offer them a platform along side the Fresh Paint.

Fresh Design will be held in the New Logistic Center in the south of the city,  providing the visitors with a creative space showcasing interdisciplinary items from Israeli designers.  Not only art galleries will be highlight, they will also feature works from design stores, design studios and of course from independent designers, thus fully covering the field.

It’s not a secret  that i’m really fond of design, I find this discipline really inspiring, contemporary and particularly free. Since I arrived in Israel few months ago, I was thrilled to notice that Israeli design was so promising and active. The part I’m the most excited about is the Design Greenhouse ” will present around a hundred designer items, from the best concocted by the minds of our young designers, in their studios and workshops. All the designers taking part in the Greenhouse are at the early stages of their commercial careers and have been chosen by the fair’s Greenhouse committee and consultants. The selected items represent a broad and diverse range of design types, areas of usage and activity and scales – from the familiar and functional, through the decorative to the conceptual”.

I recommend this event not only to the design lovers, but  to all those ones who are curious about aesthetic, contemporary art and in search of different experiences.

CONTACTS time! I’m also adding links that might awake your interest :

Fresh Paint & Fresh Design : 21/05/2013 -25/05/2013

48 Tel Giborim st. South Tel Aviv

Others :

Holon Design Museum

Design Space

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