It might look like summer is already here, but the  summery delights and activities  are usually starting in July in the white city. The arty initiative I spotted today is called Platform.  Every Thursday night, the Yafo Port will see its open space being take over by independent artists and designers, who came to put themselves out there and expose their works to a diversified crowd. The idea/concept behind Plateform is to provide a stage for  indie artists, and to offer them the opportunity to interact with an audience in a public space, making the event more casual and less consensual than in museums or in art galleries.

Multiple artistic disciplines and medium will be present like visual art, design, video,performance, music, theater,dance and poetry, offering  the assembly various experiences.

The group behind the project aims to create a new kind of innovative space. The creators of Plateform are coming from different fields, but all share the desire to give a voice to emerging talents.

NOTE  that the events will be free, and will take place during July and August.

Here is their website for more information, and support them with a LIKE on their facebook page :

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