Not that my weekends are particularly thrilling, but like an old habit I’m always looking forward to them, and this one sounds promising in an arty kind of way.

The CCA (The Center for Contemporary Art) will host starting May 2nd, a group exhibition under the name of  “Custom Made City“. This exhibit, curated by Gali Faber, will explore urban spaces through different persons who live and interact with the city on an everyday basis. Everyone has its own experience with the surrounding environment, theses relationships can be complex and difficult to represent. Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, Hagar Mitelpunkt, Michal Rothschild, Nir Segal and Malki Tesler are the artists composing this experimental group, their works will show how theses daily routines and habits can be transcribe in a visual way and how they are part of the construction of an urban design.

The opening will take place this Thursday, and the show will be take place until May 23.

The other opening I’m excited about, is “Time after Time‘ at the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art. It will bring you in the ‘very’ conceptual minds of three artists photographers,Miki KratsmanUri Gershuni and Nir Evron, who will though their different projects trying to give their own interpretation of the Time with its repetitiveness and its distortions. Each one of them approach the theme on a different angle : Miki Kratsman “transforms his Facebook into a platform of “Searching and Identifying Bureau for Missing Relatives”, Uri Gershuni “is asking to draw attention to the Archimedes point where one’s gaze is turned backwards against the rest of the body”, while Nir Evron “disguise camouflage nets with camouflage nets”. I invite you to read the press release on the gallery’s website, and to book your Saturday evening.

The opening will start at 8 pm on May 4 and the exhibit will run until June 16.

Some CONTACTS now :


The Center for Contemporary Art
at the Rachel & Israel Pollak Gallery

5 Kalisher St. (Entrance from: 2 Tsadok Hacohen St.)
Tel Aviv P.O.Box 29818 Tel Aviv 61298

Tel: 972-(0)3-5106111

Website :

Chelouche Gallery for Comtemporary Art

7 Mazeh street

Tel Aviv 65213

Tel: 972-3-6200068

Email :


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