Taking a Guy Yanai piece of art for a ride will be soon not an absurd fantasy but a sweet reality. The Israel based artist agreed to participate with other fellows from all around the globe, to a project that has the ambition to merge art  with functional objects such as clothing and furniture. During the development of this collaboration, Yanai abandoned briefly his canvas for the back of a skateboard.

He based is designs on his amazing ‘Ahad Haam’ painting, and the outcome is pretty impressive. The execution is precise, and you don’t have the feeling to look at a regular ‘customize’ board but at a piece of art. Let’s say that for Guy Yanai the challenge was accepted and well executed.

If you are lucky enough to be in New-York on May 2, Artware Editions is hosting an event to promote this new spring/summer line. Note that a pop up store will be on for a month so you will still have the opportunity to have a look at it.

A BIG thank you to Guy Yanai for the exclusive pictures.

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