In the last past years, Tel Aviv has seen its walls and building gradually be cover with different forms of street art. The imagination and the techniques that theses urban artists are using to execute their art are limitless, reflecting their ability of execution and their capacity to adapt themselves to a metropolitan environment. The south of the city  is a particularly cool spot to discover multiple talents, they are all bringing their very own style through various mediums and approaches such as stencil, aerosol, stickers, paper and pasting . Nowadays, street art is becoming more mainstream by entering auction sales, art galleries and museums. The awareness and the curiosity  of its audience is bigger and bigger  every year all around the globe, and in Tel Aviv it really became a phenomenon.

If you want to learn more about the street art in Tel Aviv I HIGHLY recommend you to book a tour with Guy Sharett who is mixing like a genius street art and language, by offering cultural tour that will not only improved your street art knowledge but also make you discover Hebrew through the graffiti.  A perfect activity if you are visiting Israel, or if you are like me a Oleh Hadash.

In the meantime here is a tiny selection of what I like to call my ‘Downtown Zoo’, they are all located in the south of Tel Aviv. Hope you will enjoy them !

Guy Sharett website :

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