For all those ones who saw me carrying my ARTIS  tote bag all around the city, it’s not a secret that I’m an admire of their work.

Artis is “an independent nonprofit organization that broadens international awareness and understanding of contemporary art from Israel, and provides important resources, programs and platforms for artists and art professionals to develop lasting partnerships with the global art community“. Their great website (rare enough to mention it) is a real platform that allows you to discover plenty of artists profiles and in this way you can connect easier with the ones that are making the Israeli contemporary art scene so vibrating and interesting.  Artis is also well known for its programs, they organize diverse activities here in Israel  but also in New-York and Los Angeles.

On May 2 will start in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the event Host & Guest which is “a platform of nine exhibitions, workshops, and events focused on philosophical, political, literary, architectural, and artistic concerns […] Unfolding over two months, Host & Guest will be an active international platform for discussions at the heart of regional and global debate, conflict, and acts of generosity“.  I invite you to stop by and experience what Artis has to offer.

Here are some contacts information, don’t forget to give your LIKE on Artis facebook page :

May 2 — June 30, 2013
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
Tel Aviv 61332

Artis website

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