The Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art is one of my favorite art space in Tel Aviv, and a major actor on the contemporary Israeli art scene. They present promising and emerging local talents, offering them the opportunity to show and to export their works, but also established artists like the one I discovered today.

Jossef Krispel, a native Israeli painter, builded his show around two main figures : Dionysus and David Bowie. His art is colorful, precise and seems to hide something, the use of the makeup on his protagonists’s faces is here not fortuitous, it acts like a mask. The theme of the metamorphosis is also very present, Bowie, the glam rock icon,always played with his androgynous side though his fanciful alter ego Ziggy Stardust, changing his look and thereby maintaining an ambiguity around his character and his sexuality. Dionysus, god of all excesses, was associated with the image of the centaur but also with wild animals such as the leopard and the panther. His representation in the mythology was always changing, making him becoming an hybrid, half beast half human, his body was in perpetual metamorphosis. The bodies here are treated with a lot of care and precision .We can see that the artist made a huge upstream work to document his figures,and if we have a closer look at his previous works we can notice that his interest for Dionysus is not new.

The show is taking place in a really pop and Baroque atmosphere, there is almost something from a masquerade. Here are some views of the exhibition, I invited you to stop by the Noga Gallery to meet Krispel’s “Tiggers” .

Jossef Krispel/ Tigers

Now – June 6 2013

Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art

60 Ehad Ha’am st.Tel-Aviv 65202 Israel

Tel +972 3 5660123 Fax +972 3 5607186


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