Pilpeled is an amazing “multifacette” Israeli artist/designer who brings his very own signature on the art scene.

I discovered him through his street art work, and I was thrilled to hear that he  also created  a clothing line.  He is proposing handmade silk screens prints, his designs are really graphic, modish and free-spirited. We can easily identify Pilpeled’s style with his predisposition for black and white colours, and his surrealistic side translated through his unanticipated juxtaposition.


I’m particularly fond of this AREC tee-shirt, with its easy to wear contemporary print, but you can also find on his official page plenty of other cool trendy clothing and much more.

How to get them? Check Pilpeled’s online shop,which is offering a wide range of designs, and Omanoot website that is also giving you the opportunity to get your own piece. Note that the prices are really affordable and that each design is an original custom artwork for each collection.

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